Our Brewery started in 2008 at the begging of the micro brewery expansion, we were the first brewery to open in Totnes for over 60 years. With no experience of making bear but plenty of experience tasting we started work on our range. I was told that if I could follow a recipe I could create something special.

I can not say that they were immediately successful but we preserved, using our local patron’s as our crash test dummies, In 2012 there was a phone call from a concerned mother who wondered if her son could come on a work placement in the brewery before he blew the garage up. So George is now brewing regularly and the our range has gone from strength to strength most recently winning awards at Siba maltings fest.

bridgetown best
Bridgetown Best

Our traditional bitter. ​An easily drinkable beer ​slightly hoppy.

albert ale
Albert Ale

A light easy session beer with well balanced hops and malt. Our most popular

shark island
Shark Island Stout

A rich hop and malt aroma. Dark bitter grain, deep finish with coffee, a hint of liquorice and hops. Dry roasted hoppy stout.

cheeky blonde
Cheeky Blonde

Straw coloured ​heavily hopped beer with lovely citrus notes.

west country ipa
West Country IPA

Single hopped with cascade, this is an easy drinking aromatic zesty IPA